What to Bring to Sorority Recruitment

September 19, 2012

We all have that over-sized purse that we love, because everything we could possibly need is stowed inside it. That heavy purse makes us feel secure. Well, during sorority recruitment a heavy purse will only give you a sore shoulder. Below is our list of what you should pack in your purse or clutch for sorority recruitment. It is definitely, a good idea to pack some necessities, just don’t over do it. Lugging around a large purse is not fun in the packed parties!

Purses by Coach. Picture from www.thezoereport.com

Purses by Coach. Pic from www.thezoereport.com

  1. Mints. And we mean mints, not gum. Fresh breath is a must when you spend the whole day speaking with ladies in a close vicinity; however, chewing on gum is not. Bring little mints that you can pop in your mouth between parties.
  2. Lip gloss, lipstick or chapstick.
  3. A small compact. For quick touch-ups or a glance in the mirror.
  4. Pain reliever. If you are prone to headaches or other aches and pains, it is good to have this in arm’s reach. Also, pack any prescription medications you may need to take at a specified time.
  5. Comfortable Shoes. If your bag is big enough or maybe your shoes/ sandals are small enough, stuff them in your bag. You may be walking long distances across campus or standing awhile during each party. If you have a cute pair of heels that you are planning on wearing, it may be a good idea to bring some comfy flats to wear between parties.
  6. Hairband or pins. When we get nervous we tend to play with our hair. You may want to bring a hairband or bobby pins to get your hair out of your face. Even if you plan to wear it down, by the end of the night you may be ready to pull it back.
  7. Notepad & pen. If you want to jot quick notes in between the parties, to jog your memory between the similar sororities later, we call you an A+ student.
  8. Questions. Okay, pack these in your mind not your purse, but bring any questions you have with you so you are sure to get some answers.

Now, a couple things you should NOT bring.

  1. Cell phone. Some schools may even take your phone from you. But if they do not, please remember to put it on silent and keep it in your purse. Texting during a recruitment party would look very rude to your hostess.
  2. Watch. Okay, wear a watch if you feel naked without it, or if it completes your look. But a word of caution – try not to peek at it too often. It may look like you are watching the time and hoping the party is over soon, even if that is not your intention.
  3. A closed mind. Yea, so this might not fit in your purse either, but the last thing you should show up to recruitment with is a poor attitude and closed mind to other sororities you have not given a fair chance. Keep your mind open throughout the entire process! Your heart may surprise you.

What other things are you thinking you should bring?

Casey, Kate & Rachel

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