What is Sorority Bid Day?

October 24, 2012

During recruitment, you will often hear about this thing called Bid Day. The chapter members seem to be excited about it, but what exactly is it?

Bid Day marks the end of your time as a potential new member and the start of your time as a new member. Bid Day follows preference ceremony, as the mutual selection process comes to an end and you receive your bid(s).

This image is from granthindsley.tumblr.com

This image is from granthindsley.tumblr.com

Long story short: Bid Day is the day when sororities (and fraternities) welcome their new sisters into their chapter. It is a wonderful celebration of the hard work the chapters put into recruitment and a very special celebration for the new members, who get to put their letters on for the first time.

It is a very exciting day because you will sign your new sorority’s invitation card and begin the pledging process. You will meet many other new members, just like yourself and chapter members, who are thrilled to welcome you. As you put on your first greek tee, you begin to relax knowing that the recruitment process is over.

Yes, you will be tired, but enjoy this day! You will create lasting memories and it marks the beginning of a truly amazing journey!

Now, for all of you initiated members out there that serve on the New Member Education Team…. we have not forgotten about you! While everyone in your chapter is focused on recruitment, you are focused on an evenly important day for your current members and probably the most important day for the new members — BID DAY! Next week, we have some great ideas coming your way to plan a successful celebration.

Tell us why you are excited for Bid Day!

Casey, Kate & Rachel

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