Understanding Each Night of Sorority Recruitment

September 29, 2011

Don’t know what to expect each night of sorority recruitment? Below you will find descriptions of the sorority recruitment rounds. The attire, conversations and decorations vary – and the goals of the night vary too! Read on!

Open House Night

Balloons, clapping, singing, slideshows, and smiling. The first night of recruitment is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. This is often referred to as open house night.

During this “open house”, you will go to every sorority house on campus. If your campus does not have houses, you will go to a designated room for each sorority. Depending on how many sororities are on your campus, you could be with each sorority for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Because you see so many sororities this night, you’ll want to be prepared to answer all their important questions to ensure you will make it through the first round of sorority voting.

You’ll most likely walk into a room full of singing sorority women who will be clapping and greeting you at the door. The rooms will be full of decorations, awards, and pictures. A lot of chapters will play a slideshow, providing a glimpse into their chapter with pictures over the last year. This is to help you get an idea of what it would be like as a member of their sorority. The sorority women are also trying to get a good idea of what you’re looking for out of a sorority, how you could contribute to their chapter, and if you’d be a good fit.

This is a very long night of recruitment. Be sure to dress appropriately, with comfortable shoes.  It can also be overwhelming meeting all the women, including both the sororities and your fellow PNM’s. Hopefully you’ve done your research, so you already have an idea of which chapters you think you’d fit in with. Likewise, the sororities have been doing their research about you.

You may or may not have a day in between the next rounds of recruitment. Be sure to get a lot of rest for the remainder of the parties.

Narrowing Your Choices

The length of recruitment is typically between 3-5 days, based on the size of your school’s Greek life. This means there is at least one round in between the Open House round (1st night) and the Preference Ceremony (last night). These nights aren’t just filling space, they are incredibly important.

You can expect the conversation to go a little deeper on these days than the meet-and-greets on the first day. You have already been introduced to the chapter and now it is time to get to know one another better. You can expect the attire and conversation to be a bit more sophisticated. The rooms will still be decorated and you may even view another slideshow, but the conversation will be more focused on the chapter’s accomplishments, academics and philanthropy.

The main goal of these” in-between nights” is to help you get a better understanding of the sororities, to help you decide how to rank your favorites. You do not have to have your mind completely made up yet, but you should be getting a feel for your top two or three choices. Also, the sorority women are working hard to understand how you could benefit and mix with them as a potential new member, to help narrow their invite lists. Make sure you share your passions and indicate how you would be a contributing member.

Preference Ceremony

The final night of recruitment is called “Pref” because the these one or two parties you attend are your preferred sororities and the women the sororities invite back are their preferred potential new members. This night is critical because it must answer any last questions and hesitations you have, before you make the decision between the sororities you want to join.

Unlike the previous nights of recruitment, this is a more intimate party. You won’t be going around mingling with multiple members, but likely spending time one-on-one. You will be paired with an initiated member who will tell you her story about why she became a member of that chapter. Also, during this time she will help answer any last minute questions you may have.

In addition to you two talking, you will get to see a part of their ritual and ceremony. Sometimes this will help your decision because you will either feel their sincerity and sisterhood or may not get that feeling during the ceremony. Regardless of whether you feel the connection or not, you want to take part in it and allow others who do feel it to enjoy it.

After you leave your last party you will choose your top choice. For some this is an easy decision and for others it will still be hard. Think about how you connected with the women, who you know will make you grow into a successful woman and person, who you will sit with at lunch, and who you will go on Spring Break with. If you can picture yourself with one more than the other, than you know which one you want.

Now the hard part – waiting! Shortly, you will find out where your legacy will be. Enjoy your Bid Day, it marks the first day of a great journey with your new home!

Casey, Kate, & Rachel

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