Sorority Bio’s (What, When, Why, How)

September 12, 2012

When you register for formal sorority recruitment, you will be required to answer some questions about yourself. The questions and depth of your answers will vary from campus to campus. Some campuses will even ask you to turn in a formal resume or bio of yourself. Regardless of the requirements, the point of this sorority bio is to give the sororities some basic information about you.  Think back to all the “gold stars” you’ve earned over the years.

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Some things to consider when writing your bio:

  • Did you have an academically challenging schedule in high school or your first year(s) of college?
  • Did you participate in any sports?
  • Were you a captain or did you lead any fundraisers?
  • Did you participate in any clubs or after-school activities?
  • Did you hold an officer position?
  • Did you organize anything special?
  • Have you been given any awards or honors?
  • What types of community service have you done?
  • What sort of “extras” have you participated in?
  • Think back to homecoming floats and committees, poetry contests, art exhibits, morning announcements crew, a spirit committee, prom court, teacher’s aide, camp counselor, some sort of business you started like babysitting or lawn care, anything that shows that you do more than show up for school and leave.
  • What are your goals in college and in a sorority?
  • Anything else that highlights your best you. You want to be sure that you are able to talk about anything and everything that you put on your sorority resume, so don’t enhance the truth.

After you’ve written your bio, whether it’s a two-page document or a few paragraphs in response to questions, be sure to proofread it before submitting. You want to be sure that all of your ideas come across clearly and there are no mistakes. If you don’t take it seriously, why should anyone else?

Turn it in as soon as you can – the earlier the better. The sooner the sorority chapters can learn about you, the more likely you are to stand out. Your college Gamma Chi’s or Rho Chi’s and/ or the formal recruitment registration process should instruct you on how to turn in your bio.

What tips can you provide for sorority bios?

Casey, Kate, & Rachel

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