My New Member Period is Almost Over, Now What?

December 7, 2011

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Wow, your new member period is over, now what do you do? Well, now you are a self-reliant sorority sister that has years of fun and sorority events ahead of you!

The transfer from being a new member to an initiated sister comes with a few changes. Below are some things to remember now that you are/or about to be an initiated sister:

  • You may wonder where all the gifts, notes and Facebook posts go. It is true, initiates spoil new members and sometimes this lessens once you are an initiated sister yourself. Don’t be offended, just know that it will soon be time to welcome the next new member class with the same warmth. Also, who said this has to stop? Keep it going yourself. Send your fellow new initiates a small “thinking of you” gift or card!
  • You must be responsible for yourself. Let’s admit, our new member educator let us slide by when we forgot something and gave us a few “freebies.” You are now an initiated sister and there are not as many reminders, freebies or second chances. It is time for you to take sole responsibility for your actions and not depend on someone else to hold your hand through everything.
  • You will also be exposed to new rituals and sorority secrets. No crazy surprises here, it is the same sorority you joined with the same values, but as an initiated sister you will be given the privilege to be exposed to secrets saved for members only, i.e. passwords, ritual ceremonies, and recruitment procedures. Remember to respect the sanctity of these secret values and to never share them with non-members.
  • Speaking of recruitment, you will be formally recruiting women as early as next semester. Also, informal “recruitment” runs year round. Wear your letters proudly and with grace. Learn everything you can about your sorority because you are now responsible to properly share it with others.
  • You are also going to be a Big to your very own Little sooner than you think. Take this mentoring responsibility seriously and begin preparing now. What do you need to learn before you are given this honor?

So you are trading your new member pin in for your sorority badge and it is an amazing feeling. The gifts may go down, but the love does not. You will always remember your new member period, but now you get to make even more memories as an initiated sister.

What are you looking forward to the most as an initiated sister?

Casey, Kate, & Rachel

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