Last Minute To-Dos Before Recruitment

October 10, 2012

It is the night before sorority recruitment begins and you are snug in your bed because you know you have everything ready for tomorrow, right? Wrong. It’s more like the night before your first day of high school, when you are anxious and wondering if you are truly prepared. Rest assured! We have created a quick list of last minute things you should do before recruitment. Work through this list and hopefully we will put your mind at ease.

  • Prepare good questions and potential responses. You should have some good questions to ask and have some ideas on how you plan to answer the most popular questions.
  • Homework. Complete any assignments in advance that you can. You don’t want to worry about that research paper all weekend, so try to tackle it or get a good head start on it prior to recruitment.
  • Break in your shoes. If you are wearing new shoes, go for a walk around campus in them. You will be walking and standing a lot during recruitment, so make sure your shoes are ready to support you. Also, you don’t want your feet hurting so bad that you can’t think of anything else when you are trying to get to know these women.
  • Outfits. Iron, steam, and lint brush. Also, try your outfit on one last time to ensure everything lays in place.
  • Pack your purse. Check out our list of what you should bring.
  • Call your older sister, your mom or a friend. If you know someone that has joined a sorority in the past, give them a quick call for any last pointers or just to help remind you to relax. If you don’t know a past or current sorority member, then call someone you know who is also planning to participate in recruitment. Make plans to walk over together.
  • Get a good nights rest. This is incredibly important. It could be easy to stay up thinking about what the next day has in store, but it is more important that you get proper rest. You will look and feel better if you are well-rested. You will have plenty of long nights to share with your sisters after Bid Day.
  • Eat a good breakfast. The days will feel long and the nights will seem even longer. Start your day off right with a meal that is high in protein and fiber. This will help you stay energized all day long!
  • Check the time and place. Make sure you know where to go and when to be there. First impressions matter. Don’t be late due to not knowing where to go.

Feeling prepared for recruitment by getting these tasks done will help you relax and have a good time – because ultimately that is what it is all about!

What other last minute things are you doing to prepare for recruitment?

Casey, Kate & Rachel

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