How to Find Your Perfect Fit Amongst Similar Sororities

July 18, 2011

Smiles, songs, slideshows….. You walk into each sorority party the first night of recruitment and think to yourself “How am I ever going to decide which one to join? They all look the same!” Recruitment can make it hard for you to make this important decision; every sorority has streamers hung, awards to share, pictures to show and great stories to tell.

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In order to truly find your perfect fit, you will have to look deeper….Deeper within each chapter and deeper within yourself.

Looking deeper within the chapter includes looking past the decorations and smiles. There are many similarities between the sororities. They all participate in university life, donate money and plan sisterhoods. By definition all sororities have a lot in common. You are not going to see those typical high school cliques. Yes, each sorority may have a general reputation but they usually have an eclectic group of girls with different interests within their chapter. There is no “jock sorority”, “cheerleader sorority” or “nerd sorority”; better yet you will find a few of them in each chapter. So you must look deeper. How are the sorority members treating one another? Do you act the same around your friends? What do they continuously emphasize in conversations? Do you hold these same values? Another great way to get a better feeling for the sorority is to notice them outside formal recruitment. How do they act on campus or at the welcome back to school parties?

Looking deeper within yourself involves recognizing your own true feelings. The best way to decide which sorority to join is to reflect on your own feelings and values. How did you feel talking with the girls? Remove yourself from the gossip, the hype and the boy’s opinions. Then ask yourself, which house were you most comfortable in? All sororities are able to clean up nicely during sorority recruitment, but you can’t fake real connections. Who did you truly connect to?

What question do you plan to ask yourself after each night of recruitment?


Casey, Kate, and Rachel

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