How to Act During Sorority Recruitment

July 20, 2011

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The more you’ve been reading our posts, the more you’ve probably started to think there’s a lot of pressure to make a great first impression during sorority recruitment. You want to find your perfect fit, find a new group of friends, and you want the women in the sororities to like you too. So the real question is how should you act during sorority recruitment?

During recruitment, talk as you would to a friend but don’t cross the line (a blog on this topic coming soon). You’ll want to clearly articulate some interesting things about yourself as well as your reasons for joining a sorority, but don’t force it or pretend to be someone you’re not. Just show that you are an intellectual woman. You aren’t in high school anymore, so show your maturity. Some of the women you will be talking with are seniors and will appreciate having a mature conversation.

Also, take part in each activity the sorority puts on during their party. You want to exhibit engagement and respect. Some things might not be your favorite thing to do but participate and enjoy yourself; your mood and attitude will be noticed.

Say hi to each woman and try to remember their names, especially for the second, third, and fourth nights. We know this can be hard for some people but it shows that you are engaged and that you care. Try repeating someone’s name when you meet them, at one point in the conversation, and when you leave them. Instead of just, “nice to meet you”, try, “nice to meet you, Jodie”.

Enjoy yourself! If you are having a good time it will be remembered. With that being said, don’t talk about how tired you are even if it is the last party of the night; that will be remembered too.

All and all be yourself and be confident. Present your best “you” and the sororities will notice!

What are some techniques you plan to use to stand out of the crowd?

Casey, Kate and Rachel

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