Guest Post: Joining a Sorority Based on Comfort, Not Color

February 6, 2013

Monique Goring is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and responded to our prompt: “We’ve gotten some email questions, and we’re looking for your help! Tell us about your positive experience as a minority in a Panhellenic chapter.” We thought it would be more useful for those of you with questions to read someone’s personal story. Monique has also expressed her willingness to speak with anyone individually. If you are interested in doing so, leave a comment or send us an email and we can get you connected with her.

Here is her guest post on her experience joining a NPC chapter. Thanks for the great insight & contribution, Monique! – Cheers, SEA


Seniors “Joining Alpha Omicron Pi in my sophomore year of college was truly one of the best decisions of my life. I never planned to join a sorority in college because my family is from the Caribbean, where Greek life is virtually unheard of. But, a sister in AOII drew me in and the chapter immediately welcomed me into their sisterhood. Considering the college and high school that I attended were predominantly composed of Caucasian students,  race and culture were never factors for me in determining whether or not to rush an NPC sorority. When I decided to check out the Greek organizations at my college I just wanted to to feel like I could be myself in whichever chapter I chose. I did and still do however face back lash now Semiand then from other students of color about my decision to join AOII – a reality that future PNMs of color should be aware of but certainly not deterred by.  I think many Greek organizations have room for improvement in the way of cultural sensitivity, but I would not trade my membership in AOII for the world. Even my mother, who didn’t understand my membership in AOII for a long time, has come to appreciate the support my sisters offer me and the ways in which I have grown through AOII. As a collegiate, AOII helped me develop my leadership skills and confidence, and as an alumni, my sisters have helped ease the transition to a new city. I highly encourage any student of color who wishes to join an NPC sorority to give it a try and ultimately to decide which sorority is best for them on the basis of comfort, not color.” – Monique

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