Celebrating Initiation

December 19, 2012

Initiation is a time to celebrate! You have welcomed your new members into your sorority as initiated sisters.

Here are a couple ideas on how to make the big day extra special:

  • Eats & Sweets. Simple, yet always welcome. Socialize around some finger foods and cake.
  • Retreat. What a great night for a good ol’ sisterhood retreat. You could plan one the night before or after.
  • Gifts. Sounds overdone, but chapters often shower their new members from Bid Day through Big/Little Night. But, what about initiation? After all this is a very significant event. We know a chapter that asked the Bigs to scale back their purchases during Big/Little week and donate money to buy shirts with their sorority’s crest to be given at initiation.
  • Discuss the ritual and tradition. Now that the ladies are initiated sisters, they have experienced another ritual and should be allowed the time to understand and appreciate. Ask some older members to explain the symbols, ceremony, history and their importance.

However you decide to spend initiation day, remember that is a day of celebration for the newest members which should be carefully planned by the older ones.

Casey, Kate & Rachel

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