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November 28, 2012

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Are you trying to think of creative ideas for your Big/ Little Reveal? This is a fun event for both the new members and the initiated members. Don’t hesitate to ask your sisters for ideas. We are sure that they would love to help you come up with something great.

Below are a few ideas that we came across or have seen to help get your creative juices flowing.

  • Create 2 puzzle pieces out of your sororities’ mascot or symbol. You can decorate it however you like. The little gets the piece with her name and then has to find the match with her bigs name.
  • Give each little a box that has a balloon inside. When they open the box have it filled with helium to fly out (make sure it is attached to the bottom) and have their bigs name on it.
  • Give littles socks that match their bigs. Hold a blanket in front of the bigs and have the little stand on the other side of their matching pair of socks. Drop the blanket to reveal their big.
  • Play an elimination game. Give the little clues about their big. Have people who match the question step forward (i.e. I have brown hair), and continue until only their big is left. 4 to 5 clues would be enough.

Make sure to check your national sorority’s policies regarding the reveal. They may have some restrictions on things like scavenger hunts, blindfolds, etc. Remember that Big/Little Reveal is a celebration, not meant to make any member feel uncomfortable.

How did you find out who your big was? What are some other great Big/ Little Reveal ideas that you have seen?

Casey, Kate, and Rachel

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