Bid Day Ideas

October 31, 2012

Now that we have discussed what Bid Day is and how important it is to both the new members and current members; we would like to share some ideas on how to make your Bid Day a success.

From ADPi’s Pinterest Board

  • Food. Depending on what time your celebration is scheduled for, you may want to budget some money for finger foods. Remember it has been a long day and it would be good to provide some snacks.
  • Balloons. Balloons and Bid Day just go together. Order some balloons in your sorority colors or check out these cool sorority specialized balloons!  If you are feeling particularly crafty try a DIY balloon arch.
  • T-shirts. This should be a given. Every semester each sorority works to find a new slogan or creative shirt logo. To create your own unique slogan, try to change words of a popular song or incorporate something that is big in pop-culture that brings a new flare (ie. The Olympics, an election year, a celebrity, a movie, etc).
  • Icebreakers. Help the new members and initiated members get to know one another.
  • Theme. Check out this pinterest board to see some neat themes that you can carry throughout your shirts and decorations.
  • Banner. Welcome the new members with a large banner in their honor. Hang it on the front of your house or in your student union.
  • Paperwork. It’s true – there is some logistical business to complete on Bid Day. Make sure your new members sign any required paperwork from your Nationals and have them share their contact information so you can contact them.
  • Take individual pictures. Of course everyone is snapping pics throughout the day, but why don’t you take a quick headshot of each new member to put into a slideshow and share among the current members. This can help the women match faces & names.
  • Teach them a chant or song. Help the new members learn your favorite sorority song, so that they can join in. And the more voices the louder your sorority will be when chanting on campus!
  • Buddies. The most important part about Bid Day is making sure that everyone feels included and comfortable. Assign “buddies” so that a new member doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Have this initiated member stay with them throughout the celebration.

Have fun planning a day that will create a lifetime of memories!

What special things do you have planned for Bid Day?

Casey, Kate & Rachel

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