Be Heard!

We have received many requests from our readers for an opportunity to submit a guest post. We want you to know that we listened, and now is your chance to be heard!

We will be accepting guest blog posts on the following topics:

Playing a Sport in College v Joining a Sorority
Did you do both?  Did you choose one over the other?  Why?  Tell us about your time commitment.  Is is possible to do both?

The Pan-Hellenic Community
We’re no experts in this area, so tell us all about it!

A New Member Story
Tell us about your experience going through sorority recruitment.  What sorority did you join?  What school do you go to?  What surprised you about the experience?  Did reading SEA blogs help you in any way?  How are you liking your new member period so far?

A Recruitment Counselor Story
Tell us about your experience as a recruitment counselor at your school.  What was the biggest challenge?  What did you learn about sorority recruitment?  What did you learn about yourself?  How did your sisters welcome you back to the chapter?

A Sorority House Experience
Tell us about your experience living with all your sisters in a sorority house!

Click here to submit a guest post.