Are You a Legacy?

October 6, 2011

We all might be a legacy in our own minds, but in the Greek world a “legacy” is something very special.

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Is your grandma, mother, or sister a member or alumna of a NPC sorority? If so, then you are a legacy of that particular sorority!

“So what?,” you might be saying.

As a legacy, you are given special consideration by the chapter of which your relative was a member. You are not necessarily guaranteed a bid from the chapter, but you are given much closer consideration before possibly being released from the chapter during recruitment (not invited back or offered a bid of membership).

Different sororities have different rules about legacies. In most, an official form must be submitted to the organization’s headquarters by the relative. Be sure to submit the form to both the national headquarters and the chapter at your school if you really want to get in to that particular sorority.

As a word of caution, be sure to give all the sororities on your campus a fair chance. Each chapter of the same sorority varies in personality from campus to campus. While they all share the similar values of their national headquarters, the women are different. This means that while your mother fit in great in her sorority at one school; you may fit in better with a different sorority at another school. You want to find your perfect fit, don’t you?

On the flip side, don’t let your relative pressure you into a decision. If she loved her sorority experience, she should want the same for you. Kindly remind her that you hope to get as much out of your sorority experience as she does, and that may mean choosing a different sorority home.

Regardless of the house you choose, we all share similar bonds as a part of Greek life- legacy or not. Do you think you’d like being a legacy?

Casey, Kate, & Rachel

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