About SEA

Our mission at Sorority Ever After™ is to assist in the success of all parties involved in the sorority recruitment process.  We continuously strive to provide potential new members and active chapters with the necessary tools to navigate recruitment.  Sorority Ever After’s™ ultimate goal is to help everyone find their perfect fit.

Meet the Founders of Sorority Ever After™

We cheers to New Beginnings, Following a Passion, and Having Fun While Doing It!

Kate Ritter, SEA Co-FounderTo new beginnings… I didn’t go to sleep until 6 a.m. the next morning.  I was too full of adrenaline and excitement.  Of course, I was exhausted the next day, but it was worth it. We had just finalized our name, tagline, goals, bought the rights to our website, setup emails… We had just formed the very beginnings of Sorority Ever After™. We poured ourselves some champagne and raised our glasses.  We each gave a short toast, without knowing it would later become the source of our About Us page and become the phrases that define why we are here. I started our cheers off, to new beginnings. When raising my glass I was reminded of how excited I was when I got home from bid day my first year of college.  I had just signed a bid to my first choice chapter.  None of my high school girlfriends were attending the same college as me, so I knew my new sorority sisters were going to become my new beginning.  What I didn’t know was that they were going to help develop me into the woman I am today and push me to do great things in the chapter.  After my first new member meeting I knew that one day I wanted to be the VP of New Member Education.  I knew it would take a lot of work and I would have to prove myself to become a part of the Executive Board.  First, I became the Public Relations Chair for our chapter and participated in a bunch of different committees.  Then, I had finally proven myself enough to hold the Vice President of New Member Education position.  After that experience I didn’t think any other chapter office would be as rewarding, and I hadn’t planned to take another position.  Turns out I was wrong. I accepted the Officer Nominating Committee Chair and finally served as the Vice President of Membership (Recruitment Chair).  As the VPM I was the acting President of the chapter for an entire summer and in other situations when our President was fulfilling internship requirements.  This became my favorite experience in the chapter because recruitment is what keeps a sorority alive! I had no idea that my new beginning in a sorority would develop me into the confident, organized, leader I am today.  I hope our new beginning at Sorority Ever After™ can help you find your new beginning as a sorority member!

Rachel Wentzel, SEA Co-FounderTo following a passion… As a college student who had to pay for everything myself, I decided to wait on joining anything “extra” and to solely focus on my studies.  But over my freshman year I began meeting men and women in Greek life.  I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to join a sorority, due to the time and money investment, but I decided to go ahead and sign up for recruitment – what did I have to lose? Little did I know, this decision would ignite a lifelong passion. When the weekend of recruitment came I was beyond excited.  Each night after the “parties” I called my mom to tell her how great and crazy they were.  “Mom, when you walk in the girls are singing at the top of their lungs and they walk you around a room that is decorated in some sort of theme and they show you stuff like awards and slideshows, it’s so much fun!  Oh yeah and I got to talk with the President tonight, she inspired me, she is so well-rounded and really has it together.  Ok mom, just getting back to my dorm, I’ll call ya tomorrow.” As the weekend went on my excitement grew and eventually on bid day I received a bid from the sorority I wanted. After the experience (5 years ago now), I told my grandma Joyce all about it. I told her how all the girls dressed and acted and how some seemed better prepared than others. Even though I had a blast, the whole process was a whirlwind and I wish there was a person that could have prepped me for the experience. I wanted to know the real ins and outs.  As we talked more about it – the idea came to me; I can help girls in the future! Even though I am now working full-time and working towards my MBA, I could not hold off this desire any longer. Casey, Kate and I decided there is no time like the present! Throughout my time as a collegiate member I held many offices.  I was sisterhood chair, a recruitment party chair, Panhellenic chair and Vice President of Membership.  Each opportunity gave me different perspectives and unique leadership skills.  But the Vice President of Membership role is closest to my heart.  I have always wanted to be an event coordinator and planning recruitment gave me a similar experience, as well as the growth in my skill set. I love recruitment and still do; I go back to my chapter’s recruitment each year to help. I look forward to becoming a recruitment advisor one day. Recruitment has truly become a passion of mine, and this website allows me to share that passion with all of you!

Casey Lundberg, SEA Co-FounderAnd having fun while doing it…. Planner, Organizer, Coordinator…. These are often words I am labeled, due to my excessive need to keep things in order. These words might not sound “fun”, but believe me I have fun in almost everything I do! I believe you are most productive and successful when you find the enjoyment in what you are doing. Before my first year of college, my mom continually told me I should sign up for sorority recruitment. I was a little iffy to the idea, but finally agreed to do it. I told her I would attend the first night’s parties and decide based on how much fun I had. After the first night of recruitment I was hooked and have been ever since! That first night was so much fun, I couldn’t wait to join! I clearly remember the anxiety and then the relief when I received a bid from my first choice. As we raised our glasses, on Sorority Ever After’s™ Founding Day, I could not stop thinking about how much fun we were going to have creating this site and meeting new people. Recruitment was always my favorite time of year. Showcasing my sorority and meeting all of the potential new members energized me! When I was a collegiate member of my sorority I served in two Vice President roles (VP of New Member Education & VP of Programming) and as our chapter’s Officer Nominating Committee Chair. I had major responsibilities in all of the roles, which I believe helped prepare me for the “real world” upon graduation. I learned to multi-task and juggle many responsibilities during college and sorority life. This skill directly related to my life after college, while I worked full-time and completed my master’s degree. Yet, these applicable skills were only the icing on top because I truly enjoyed serving my sorority and had a blast leading my chapter as an Executive Board member. This is similar to our work here at Sorority Ever After™. We are not here to make money (believe me we have only spent not earned) and we are not here because anyone told us we had to be. We are simply here because we loved being in a sorority and we love talking about it! We are having fun! We do not believe that we are the only gurus of our generation, but we do know a lot about recruitment and want to share the knowledge. This all started when Rachel said “I wish someone was there to help guide me through the craziness of sorority recruitment” So bam, we are here to do that! Let us know how to better help you; our door is always open. We want to help you find your perfect fit and live Sorority Ever After™…..

Disclaimer: We at Sorority Ever After™ fully believe in all of our blog posts, however we are not responsible for any person or chapter not receiving their first choice.  Please consider that Greek systems and formal recruitment does vary from school to school.  Make sure you look into Greek Life at your school even after you read our blogs.  We also prohibit any nasty language or mean spirited comments towards any one person, chapter, or entire organization on any posts on our website.