6 Questions to be Prepared to Answer During Sorority Recruitment

July 12, 2011

Sorority recruitment is very similar to a job interview. When going on an interview you want to have well thought out answers and provide specific details that pertain to the questions. During recruitment you will be asked “interview-like” questions that you will want to think ahead about. You wouldn’t go into an interview for your dream job unprepared, so why go into recruitment unprepared? Here are a few questions to think through thoroughly before recruitment:

This image is from electronics.howstuffworks.com

This image is from electronics.howstuffworks.com

  1. What were you involved in during high school?
    This is the number one question you will hear during recruitment. Make sure you really elaborate on this one. If you were in organizations, make sure you tell your sorority host exactly what you did in those organizations (took meeting minutes, planned a fundraiser, etc). If you weren’t the class president and team captain, that’s okay too. Think of some activities you planned or participated in outside of formal organizations. Maybe you’re the person who always organizes the weekend plans with your friends. Or maybe you were at every sporting event, play, chorus concert, and school event. Both of these examples still highlight positive attributes! The sorority women ask this question to see how you can contribute to their chapter in the future. Reflect on your experiences in the last couple of years to see how you could be a contributing member to a sorority chapter.
  2. Why do you want to join a sorority?
    This is the second most frequent question you will hear during sorority recruitment. You should have a good answer because you should have asked yourself this question before recruitment week. If you are still asking yourself this question check out Reasons to Join a Sorority. Important note – the answer to the question should not be parties and boys.
  3. What attributes do you think you could bring to a sorority?
  4. How do you plan to get involved in the sorority and around campus?
    Most sororities require their members to be involved in at least one other organization on campus so think about a honor society or student government organization.
  5. What type of sisters are you looking for?
  6. Who are your role models and how have they given you inspiration?

These are just a few questions that you may get asked at recruitment by one of the chapter members. If you think through these using the CAR model (the context of your example, the action you took, and the result you achieved) then you won’t forget to explain how the great things you have done relates and will benefit the chapter. You don’t want to simply answer “yes” or “no” because that doesn’t provide the women enough information to tell you apart from the others. If a woman asks you “are you excited to be here?” and you simply reply “yes”, then you are not showing any connection or interest in the question or the woman. If you reply – “yes because I have been looking forward to recruitment all summer and I know that you all put a lot of time into prepping for us”, she is going to have a positive perception of you and feel more comfortable. She will also be more likely to speak highly of you later during chapter voting. Impressions are very important. The woman hosting you is your advocate. You want to ensure she will talk you up to the other women in her chapter that you weren’t able to meet.

If you prepare for the popular questions you won’t be caught off guard or reply with something you didn’t think through and doesn’t sound as good as you thought it might. Planning helps you think of relatable examples/stories, which are the most impactful and will help you get into the sorority of your choice.

Just take some time to think about these questions so you are relaxed, then you will exude confidence without even noticing. Don’t let sorority recruitment be one of those “I wish I would have said…” moments.

What are some ways you will/ did prepare for these questions?


Casey, Kate, and Rachel

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